Photographer Trip: January 18th to January 22nd, 2020.

Your pictures are your voice, and voices are needed to document a crisis that needs amplified.

On August 2019, I traveled to Brownsville Texas, to bring donations for immigrants at the border.
What I found was something that I had never seen, or heard about.
But why?…

I felt kind of ashamed to learn that people like me, with a camera, can amplify voices that need help so desperately, but we are too busy, caught up behind the ins and outs of business ownership, and distracted behind wedding talk.

Personally, I think documentary outside our line of work enriches our development as photographers.

Here is where I thought, what if I bring t a group of photographers to document the insanity I witnessed at the border?
Those images can become the voice the thousands of asylum seekers, forced to live as homeless, while enriching our perspective as photographers and humans.

So I came up with a plan to bring a group of photographers to the border during January, after The Friend of Fearless Conference, and Photo Fantastico. Both in Austin TX.

Here is the plan:

January 18th to January 22nd, 2020.

– Drive from Austin TX to Brownsville on Jan 18th at 7am (6 hour drive)
– We will rent a house in Brownsville Texas.
Potential house

(you can ride with me in the car, or arrive directly to Brownsville on your own)

Day 1 (Jan 18th):
7am Drive from Austin to Brownsville TX (6 hour drive)
2pm Arrival to Brownsville TX
5pm Dinner + instructions
7pm Shopping and arrangement of items.

Day 2 (Jan 19th):
9am Visit to the bridge: focus on hygiene items
11am Return to house
1pm Lunch + observations about taking action
3pm Assembling of dinner
5pm Visit to the bridge: focus on feeding the dinner
6pm return to the house

Day 3 (Jan 20th):
8am Visit to the bridge: focus on observation
10am Return to house
12pm Beach trip + observations about storytelling

Day 4 (Jan 21st):
11am Visit to the bridge: focus on children
2pm return to the house
3pm tour through the border

Day 5 (Jan 22nd)
8am Return to Austin TX Airport

We’ll divide the cost of the house, car, and gas among everyone.
Each person pays for their food.
(Estimated cost: up to $500 per person + airfare)
Donations will be collected through a campaign with Worth Manifesto.


There will be an exposition of the images on display at the Fearless Photographers Conference in Greece, on March 2020.

Confirmed Assistants: (1st car is full)

Sandra Villarroel

Ilana Natasha

Danny Klimetz

Jennifer Michelson

Duy Ho

Paul Gandy

Olivia Vale

Pamela Anticole

Erica Dietz

Jean White

Nick Otto

Pamela Velez

If you want in, there is a waiting list for a second car.