Worth Manifesto is a charitable project based in Pittsburgh PA, USA, currently working towards obtaining Tax 503c status.

Our mission is to restore the dignity of marginalized women, in precarious conditions.
Through acts of kindness and words of encouragement, we want to remind them of their self worth and encourage their lives to a correct self perception.

We do this by collecting unwanted (Ipsy like) makeup bags, toiletries, and handwritten encouraging notes.

The bags are filled with these items and distributed among women in the following conditions:

  • homeless in the street.

  • recovering from drug addiction in halfway houses.

  • impoverished areas

  • migrants in transit at the American border.

  • internationally, in impoverished areas.

If you want to learn how to participate, partner with us for delivery, send donations, or learn about our whereabouts, we invite you to subscribe to our letters, which are sent occasionally, when we have good news.