The words are the core of our bag!


The card is the most important part of our bag.
Let me repeat this: The Card Is The Most Important Part Of Our Bag.

By handwriting each note we are acknowledging that each recipient is more than a number, that each of us put our heart into a note, that they are important, supported, that we care!. And that each of us, writing a note, have in our words, the ability to impact someone’s life.
Maybe this message is simple for you, but for someone overlooked, in an abusive environment, with low self esteem, and with a distorted self perception, THIS IS EVERYTHING.

The most important thing you can do, is to participate with us by donating handwritten notes to us, and below we’ll teach you how to write an impactful, intentional note that can bring truth to their life. But first,


Card Writing 101 (english)

What does “bring truth” mean?

There are lies we all believe.
Some of those lies are camouflaged as truth.
I’ll give you an example:
My mother was my abuser. She used to tell me that I was dumb. I knew I was smart, however, as an adult, when applying for jobs, I would tell myself things like “I don’t know why I’m bothering with this, they are never going to pick me, those other girls are so much more smart than me…”
See where the lie is hidden there?
Feeling not enough is a lie, and one that marginalized individuals have heard all their lives.

For years I embraced my own life with that mindset, and sometimes I would boycott my own chances, just because of that mindset.
This is why, when writing uplifting cards, we want to use this opportunity to destroy the lies that destroy us, and since we don’t have details of each person’s circumstances, we want to keep it general, yet empowering. Focused on messages focused on things that transcend.



  • No names or information that can identify you. If you want to sign the card, put a nickname or your first name only.

  • Start the card with any of the following worth stating sentences: 

    • You are not your circumstances...

    • You are not what happened to you...

    • You are not defined by what others say you are...

    • You are not your past...

  • Be intentional.

  • Write in English.

  • Good spelling, and good grammar are a must. Stay away from slangs.

  • Make sure the cards are legible (no doctor writing please!).

  • Despite the similarities, make sure each card is different. You can write the same thing, but using different words.

  • Every card must be handwritten.

  • Every card needs to be less than 4x6 inches.
    Cards bigger than this will be folded on half so they can fit.

  • No envelopes are preferred, but if you decide to include the envelope, don;t seal it.

  • Quality over quantity! 

Card example:

Example #2:
“You are not your circumstances. 

You are valuable and worthy of being loved. 

Dare to dream with a future that gives you dignity.

You deserve it.”

Example #1
“ Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking you are not worthy of love, of dreaming with a future, of being in control of your life. 

You are not what someone else thinks of you, you are what you decide to be, today and always. Stay strong.”

Interested in writing in spanish?

Drop or mail your cards to:
932 Mirror St. Pittsburgh PA 15217