Makeup is the gift…

I remember when I was a little girl and I got makeup for the first time. That was the best present ever! I no longer needed to sneak into my mom’s, which always always ended up giving me trouble.

Do you have a memory like this?
I think this is the reason makeup subscriptions became such a rapid success in the United States. We all love makeup, and we love to receive a new one, it’s always a good present.

For women in vulnerable situations, makeup can be a coping mechanism during tough times. Makeup has the magic ability to makes us feel pretty and gives us self confidence, It makes us feel happy.
During a time where self perception can be distorted by the circumstances, we want makeup to be the tool that empowers struggling women to dream, to make them feel pretty, to remind them of their self worth.

Fresh clean hair, and a good lipstick can do wonders for the soul.

Take a look at the following documentary by Refinery29, which shows what makeup does for homeless women.

How To Help

Along the card, makeup is the most important piece within our bag, is The Gift!
We like to include at least one or 2 pieces of brand new makeup and one piece of toiletry.
We do not reject any donations, but we can only include items that fit on the bags we have, so when bottles are too big, we bring them to drop in centers for homeless women instead. Nothing goes to waste!

So what do we need?

Our preferred products are:

  • Lipstick

  • Nail Polish

  • Mascara

These 3 items are our favorite because they work well with any skin color, but we also love the following:
eye liners, brushes, highlighters, eye shadow, brow pencils, clippers, tweezers, pocket size mirror, nail files, blush, foundation, and all kinds of skin care, such as makeup removers, face masks, serums, hair oils, hair treatments, face wash, exfoliators, toners, etc.

Save us any sample, tester, or product you buy but don’t like!



In addition to the beauty items, things that don’t hurt, and as long as we have them, we like to include in each bag are the following items: (all in travel/small size, NOT full size)

  • Travel or hotel size toiletries, such as: shampoo, conditioner, soap, gel bath, qtips, deodorant, face wash, perfume/cologne, body lotion, sunblock, baby powder, skin oils, cologne.

  • Oral care items: floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash.

  • Feminine products: tampons, pads and feminine individually wrapped feminine wipes.

  • Wipes: such as kleenex, shower wipes, or even baby wipes.

  • Cleaning additionals: Q-tips, cotton balls, razors.

Somebody donated a soap that had been used, and re wrapped in a paper.
We do not receive things like this.

Things we DON’T need:

Used products
Half empty containers
Products with visible signs of wear
Dirty items
Old/expired items
Items not specified in this list


Mail/drop your donation at 932 Mirror St. Pittsburgh PA 15217