Dear friend,
For a long time, the signature of my email has included a quote that reads":
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do

I have never had money, I was not the brightest bulb in school, I have an accent, I am an introverted who always feels like is not enough. I hate making my bed, my palms always sweat when I’m in a room with too many people, and on top of all of that, I bite my nails.
Can you relate to me?
But behind every single one of my bad things, there is this ambition for dreaming and conquering dreams. And that is what got me here.
I dream of women empowerment. Of women embracing who they are with confidence. Of women having the opportunity to be mothers and having a career, without having to sacrifice one or the other. I dream of women feeling beautiful at every stage of their lives, and at every size. Embracing their bodies because they realize beauty comes from within, and not the temporary shell we call body.
I dream with the end of women abuse, and a restoration of our image. With the end of slavery. With the end of the sex trafficking industry. And the end of drug addiction.
I have so many dreams
I dream of women having the certainty that they are worthy of being loved, worthy of acceptance, worthy of loving.
I don’t need to be the best at doing something, I just need to be committed to give one step.
I would love for you to join me in this crazy journey of impacting lives. There are so many women who need a word of encouragement, and smile, and a reminder that they are worthwhile, that they can also dream, and with these (for us) insignificant bags, I want to change their lives today.

Get involved!
I hope to count with you,

Get involved!

Have an Ipsy subscription and don’t know what to do with the bags? Send ‘em to us! We’ll take them!

We want each one of our bags to have different, intentional handwritten note. The power of a letter can be exactly what someone needs to be cheered up.

We depend on your donations! Save us any travel size toiletries, the free toothbrushes your dentist gives you, or the ipsy makeup you don’t like.
We depend on you!

I am hoping to obtain a 503c Status by the end of the year. The cost of setting everything up is close to $2k
If you can spare the cost of a coffee with us, it will help us to get closer to this goal. The tax exemption, will allow us to obtain grants and further our mission.