Fundraise x Worth Manifesto

A lot of people wants to help this project. Most inquiries come from two distinctive groups:
- People who wants to help by getting their workplace involved.
- People who’s having a birthday, wedding, or life event celebration and want to use that opportunity to invite their guest to collaborate.

Getting Your Workplace or Event Involved:

You can get your workplace involved in our efforts in 3 specific ways:

  • Host founder Sandra for a motivational talk: During this time, Sandra will share her story of how she went from life as a homeless teen, to business owner activist, and the impact of a life life under the mindset of cup full, not half empty.
    The talk can have a more political connotation when she includes the work of Worth Manifesto at the border, or we can leave that out of the story, for a politically neutral talk instead.
    The talk takes 20 minutes, and the total team building takes up to 40.

  • Write cards for us: The best way to get your workplace involved, is by encouraging employees to engage in card writing for us.
    These cards, also known as words of encouragement, are the core of our efforts, and they require very little. A simple sign, pens, blank cards and a collection basket would do the trick.

    You can include a can for monetary donations that can help our shipping efforts.

  • Host a drive for us: The efforts of Worth Manifesto consist of providing a present to women in vulnerable condition, mostly displaced and/or homeless. That present is a makeup bag, with toiletries and/or makeup.
    We also have specific campaigns though the year, where we gather specific items, such as tuna pouches as snacks, and crayons and notebooks, for small children.
    We are always in need of makeup bags, travel size basic toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and wipes). You can choose to collect any of these items. We recommend you pick one product, and host a drive for that specific product, for example “shampoo”, as opposed to the whole list.

Donations collected must be delivered or mailed to 932 Mirror St. Pittsburgh PA 15217.
Monetary donations can be sent via Paypal.



Life Event Celebration With Purpose:

Any time there is a group of people, we can encourage them to become involved in a cause. Bridal showers, birthday parties, or even a family reunions can turn into more than a celebration among friends and family, and like a ripple effect, extend the love to others in need.
You can easily include a table with pens and cards, for your friends and family to write cards.

We can provide the necessary items to make this happen: cards, pens, signs, collection box, and collection basket; to make ensure the success of your event.