Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a religious organization?
The founder is religious, the people we help sometimes are religious, but sometimes are not.
The people that help us sometimes are, sometimes they are not.
We are here for everyone.

– Is this a political campaign?
We are not affiliated to any political party. Volunteers and people helped have all kinds of different political affiliations.

Why aren’t you helping Americans.
The veterans for instance? You should help Americans first.
When we help, we do not ask people to show us proof of citizenship, we simply help them.
We also don’t ask passport when people wants to contribute to us.
We are here for everyone who wants to show compassion, and for anyone who needs to receive it.

– What is an Ipsy Bag?
Ipsy is a monthly subscription to makeup samples, that every month ships 5 samples in a cute little makeup bag.
There is currently 2 million people subscribed to Ipsy in the United States, so that means there are 2 million of these makeup bags circulating every month.
We are using the name Ipsy, so people can identify the size we are looking for, (typical medium size makeup bag) but we accept any makeup bag.
Some people are donating the makeup bags they get at the mall when they buy makeup promotions there, and others are even donating any makeup bag.
The key factor here is to pass on to someone else what you are not using at home.


– Why are you helping the illegals? You should help Americans first!
Why not both?
Worth Manifesto is based in the United States, but we want to help every woman, independent of their nationality or geographical location.

The intention of Worth Manifesto is “to help marginalized women in precarious conditions”.
Under that definition, we acknowledge that the women at the Mexican/American border, might be one of the most vulnerable group of women right now. This is why we are helping them.

– I realize space is limited, but is there any way to get sanitary products to these women?
The needs go so far beyond the items we have listed, but we had to prioritize on behalf of the space. 

As a general rule, we will donate anything that people donates. So far we have enough sanitary products for 100 bags. We acknowledge that all the women will need a shower, yet not all will be on their period at the same time, so we have marked the bags that actually have sanitary products for a more efficient distribution.
Because of this reason, our biggest priority are toiletries such as this, and in this order: shampoo, conditioner soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion.
Any additional items, such as sanitary pads or tampons, shoe laces, hair ties, first aid kid, cologne, baby powder, chapstick, etc. will be donated for them to have available, as well

With the exception of full size toothbrushes, any full size product that we cannot make fit in the bags will be donated to Living in Liberty, an organization in Pittsburgh PA who rescues women from the sex trafficking industry.

– Where can I drop the items off? 
Any donation can be dropped off day or night, or mailed to
932 Mirror St. Pittsburgh PA 15217
This is a residential address, but we have a box outside for donations.

– Can I bring regular size toothbrush? 
We prefer travel size because they fit better in the bags, but regular size toothbrushes are indeed accepted, and we’ll push them into the bags to make them fit somehow.

– Can I put bags together for you?
Yes you can, but we ask you not include anything extra, except these items: travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.
If you have any additional items, do NOT include them in the bags. we are giving these items separately, and keeping the bags all the same.
Any additional items we receive, we will bring them too, but as an additional. The bags will all be the same.

– Are you going to call, ask for help to assemble the bags?
Not at the moment.
I am currently putting the bags together as they come, so all bags are already assembled.
If this changes, I might ask for help through our instagram. Make sure you follow us!

– Can it be confirmed that ICE and CBP will  not intercept and confiscate these items?

Many people are concerned that detention centers are refusing help
This information is correct, however, the items we are collecting are going to a different facility.

I can confirm that the donations are going to the respite center in McAllen Texas, who is an organization part of the Catholic Charities. They are one step in the migrant’s journey. Detention facilities are another step.
Although this organization functions separate from the church, it counts with the protection of the church, and because of this, they work cohesively with CBP and government entities.

The second organization, Border Perspective, works along the Rio Grande with the smaller groups that are providing humanitarian aid along the border. I cannot confirm exactly that customs enforcement might not interrupt their work, but I can confirm that Customs Enforcement might not care for shampoo, tampons, or soaps. In this particular instance, they are looking for people.

I understand that everybody might be concerned where their donations might go, so if you don’t feel safe helping, feel free to only share about this initiative.
Personally (Sandra, the founder), I would rather try helping and not succeed, than not try helping at all. Fear won’t stop us!

If we reach the goal of 1000 bags, I will bring them myself to Texas, and in that case I will take pictures and show you exactly what I see.

– Is it better to donate items or money?
The items donated are made into bags.
The money (right now) goes towards the shipping and buying what we lack the most (which at the moment is shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste)