Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a religious organization?
The founder is religious, the people we help sometimes are religious, but sometimes are not.
The people that help us sometimes are, sometimes they are not.
We are here for everyone.

– Is this a political campaign?
We are not affiliated to any political party. Volunteers and people helped have all kinds of different political affiliations.

Why aren’t you helping Americans. “You should help Americans first.”
We help the United States, and other countries as well.
When we help, we do not ask people to show us proof of citizenship, we simply help them.
We also don’t ask passport when people wants to contribute to us.
We are here for everyone who wants to show compassion, and for anyone who needs to receive it.

– What is an Ipsy Bag?
Ipsy is a monthly subscription to makeup samples, that every month ships 5 samples in a cute little makeup bag.
There is currently 2 million people subscribed to Ipsy in the United States, so that means there are 2 million of these makeup bags circulating every month.
We are using the name Ipsy, so people can identify the size we are looking for, (typical medium size makeup bag) but we accept any makeup bag.
Some people are donating the makeup bags they get at the mall when they buy makeup promotions there, and others are even donating any makeup bag.
The key factor here is to pass on to someone else what you are not using at home.


– Why are you helping the illegals? You should help Americans first!
Although Worth Manifesto is based in the city of Pittsburgh in the United States, our mission is not limited to one nationality alone.
We work proactively to help every woman, independent of their nationality or geographical location.

The intention of Worth Manifesto is “to help marginalized women in precarious conditions”.
Under that definition, we acknowledge that the women at the Mexican/American border, might be one of the most vulnerable group of women right now. This is why we are helping them, and with our second campaign we are including children as the recipient of our help.

– I realize space is limited, but is there any way to get sanitary products to these women?
The needs go so far beyond the items we have listed, but we had to prioritize on behalf of the space. 
We delivered sanitary products on our previous campaign.
For the second border campaign we are focusing on items we saw they were the most happy to receive.
Here is the full list of items we are collecting per category

– Where can I drop the items off? 
Any donation can be dropped off day or night, or mailed to
932 Mirror St. Pittsburgh PA 15217
This is a residential address, but you can leave things on the porch.
Starting November 18th 2019, we will have Collection points across the city. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the full list of collection points when this becomes available.

– Can I bring regular size toothbrush? 
Toothpaste however, must be travel size.

– Can I put bags together for you?
Yes you can, make sure you use a gallon ziploc bag and include the following items:
TRAVEL SIZE shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes/tissues, a snack (granola).

– Are you going to call, ask for help to assemble the bags?
We request volunteers for this kinds of task through our newsletter. Make sure you subscribe!

– Can it be confirmed that ICE and CBP will  not intercept and confiscate these items?

These donations ARE NOT GOING to be confiscated by these entities, because asylum seekers are in the Mexican side where these groups have no jurisdiction.
If you want to learn where are the donations going, read the story of our past campaign HERE

– Is it better to donate items or money?

With things we only have things.
With money we can pay for the shipping of the things and buy things needed.
During the last campaign, with the money received, we were able to purchase necessities for asylum seekers on the spot. This would not have been possible without the help of people who supported us financially.
In this link you can read what exactly is that we did.