Odissea to Texas


Summary: If you didn’t hear about this yet, I decided to create a project that would uplift and encourage women in vulnerable situations, to help them see their value.
This is whatWorth Manifesto is.
My name is Sandra, and I am a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh (PA- USA), and while other people’s hobbies are crocheting, macrame, or sports, my hobby is helping others. And I have a special weakness for marginalized individuals.
I am not rich, I don’t have a lot of time, or resources, I am just a simple gal who cares, nothing else.

To announce the beginning of this new project, I launched a campaign to help women at the border of USA and Mexico. By gathering toiletries, I was hoping to create shower kits to help with one of the most basic needs of human beings: getting a shower.

The campaign went amazingly well, and I actually gathered 3000 kits and thousands of other items.
Since I was not prepared to receive this many donations, nor to transport them, we had a few hiccups along the way.
After Plan A, B, and C failed, I have finally found a way to transport these 40+ bins to Texas, more than 2000 miles away from where I live.

Generous people has been bringing donations, volunteers have been assembling the shower kits, and countless souls have been writing encouraging notes, to insert in each of our shower kits, that would bring back hope, and remind them that they are not alone, and they matter.

This is a handmade bag!

This is a handmade bag!

and the core of our bags is these kinds of notes

and the core of our bags is these kinds of notes

Volunteers from as far as Canada came to help!

Volunteers from as far as Canada came to help!

The donations finally left friday August 16th : yaaaayyyy!!!
and I will be in Texas to receive them and document the end of the campaign,
between August 21st to 26TH


Now I’M are looking to offset some of the cost of this journey, by collecting monetary donations that can help this get to Texas, rent a warehouse, rent a van to DISTRIBUTE the help, and perhaps even provide a meal for the asylum seekers waiting to be called by border patrol, who are currently living in the street.

Can I count with your support?

Thank you,