Attracting like minded patrons to your store,
while helping a good cause?:

Worth Manifesto Collection Point Partnership. 

So first. What is this?

Collection Point Partnership:

We are seeking to partner with local businesses (specially in the suburbs of Pittsburgh) for people to drop off donations for our current campaign

The collection of donations will be collapsible polyester storage basket, with a poster and some flyers.

If the bin is not your aesthetic or it’s too big, you are welcome to swap it for something that can match the aesthetics of your store, and simply display the poster instead. You can download and print the poster at the end of this page.

In exchange of this, we will display your name, website, address, and hours on our website and social media, encouraging people to stop by

The participation can be per campaign, or constant.
You can decide on an ongoing basis.


Launch Campaign: 

For our launch campaign, we are looking to impact today’s most vulnerable group of women in the United States: migrants at the border. 

We are gathering basic toiletries, makeup bags, and personal notes which will be sent to McAllen Texas.
To learn all the details about this campaign:

Interested on being a collection point? YAY!

Fill this form and we will bring the material to you

Your name *
Your name
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Address of the store
The collection bins will be mailed directly from Amazon, and the stack of flyers will be mailed separately. Please provide an address where these items should be mailed. Leave blank if the address is the same than the storefront.
example: wexford, millvale, greenfield, monroeville, etc.

Marketing Material

We are hoping this can be a partnership in good faith.
We are not responsible for any loss or damage of your store or goods as a result of being a collection point.
We do not compensate business for this campaign, and we do not receive any economical gain from it either, including the marketing promotion.
We are not a registered charity (yet) so we are unable to provide tax exemption receipts.