Attracting like minded patrons to your store,
while helping a good cause?:

Worth Manifesto Collection Point Partnership. 


So first. What is this?
Worth Manifesto
, is a project that seeks to acknowledge the humanity of marginalized women, particularly homeless.
We do this by giving them makeup bags with beauty products,snacks, and travel size toiletries, along with handwritten personal notes of encouragement, where we remind them of their self worth, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Border Campaign
The desire of impacting women in homeless conditions, motivated us this past July to launch a campaign to help asylum seeker women who are currently stranded at the border, living in the street, outside of the American Point of Entry.
Initially we were hoping to bring 1k bags with us, but the campaign went viral, and we actually brought hygiene kits for 5k women living in the bridges that connect Mexico and the United States.
(You can read the chronicle of Sandra’s trip at the border HERE)

Unfortunately, the situation at the border was way worse than we anticipated, and because of this, Worth Manifesto is now organizing a second campaign.

If you have any questions you can contact us directly at
Or read our FAQ page

Collection Point Partnership:

We are seeking to partner with local businesses for people to drop off donations during our upcoming campaign, between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019.

In exchange of this, we will display your name, website, address, and hours on our website and social media, encouraging people to stop by.

Businesses that join as collection points are only required to display the collection poster (which we will provide) and a collection basket of bins, and we will collect donations once a week.

We are hoping this can be a partnership in good faith.
We are not responsible for any loss or damage of your store or goods as a result of being a collection point.
We do not compensate business for this campaign, and we do not receive any economical gain from it either, including the marketing promotion.
We are not a registered charity (yet) so we are unable to provide tax exemption receipts.

Donations at Hippie & French (Lawrenceville) during our first campaign.

Donations at Hippie & French (Lawrenceville) during our first campaign.

Founder Sandra, with a car fully packed from donations at Hippie & French

Founder Sandra, with a car fully packed from donations at Hippie & French


If you are interested on becoming a collection point fill the form below by October 30th, 2019.

The information below will help us add this to the website, social media, and flyers.
Once we respond to you via email, we will need a picture of your storefront to include in the listing.

Your name *
Your name
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Address of the store
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